Thank you for your participation in «Sustainable urban ecosystems in Ukraine and The Netherlands» webinar,
We are grateful to you for taking the path to the urban innovation development program together!

For you to get the most out of the webinar, we have gathered valuable information in one article:
✔️ quotes and information about speakers and presented projects
✔️ summary of each presentation
✔️the most important illustrations
✔️ video recording of the webinar!
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This is not the end of our journey.
We invite you to the most important event in field of innovations and co-creation - IV urban hackathon SYNCHRO SPACE 14-17 August and Upstream Festival 21-27 September, both events online.
Don't miss your chance to be a part of the changes.

Who is this Hackathon for?
We will unite architects, designers, urban planners, engineers, IT developers, ecologists to create innovative projects for Ukrainian cities.

In the context of global change, our cities need to meet new challenges. Therefore, we involve teams of innovators who will help to solve them and propose projects in the following areas:
✅ urban and technological solutions for public spaces
✅ ecological solutions for cities
✅ new services for the safety and comfort of citizens

The program includes:
– development of ideas and projects by teams to solve city problems
– three mentoring sessions: validation of ideas, crash test, and preparation for pitching
– project presentations and selection of winners by city officials and experts

The best projects will be presented at Synchro Space DEMO DAY 2020.
Participation is free by prior registration and selection.

Win, implement your project and influence the development of cities with us ❗️

Register for the hackathon
From 21 to 27 September, during the Upstream Festival, the Rotterdam Metropolitan area transforms into the place where founders, students, investors, policy makers and bold corporates come together to make a positive impact in the world.

This is where you meet, learn and connect through a plethora of events, carefully curated and focusing on individual topics with a common goal: enabling innovations that will drive the transition to the next economy. An economy that is digital, carbon neutral, circular and inclusive.

Driven by you. The changemakers.

Upstream's Co-Creation Partners are setting you up with an on- and offline programming of keynotes, talk shows, round tables, workshops, webinars and network events. 7 days, 30+ speakers, 40+ co-creation partners, 45+ events, 20.000+ (online) visitors.
Curious for more?
Pre-register for the event
Aditya Putta - aditya@worldstartup.co
Alissa Ban'kovskaya - ceo@hub-synchro.space
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